OJ is one of the contestants on Object Invasion Reloaded.

Personality Edit

OJ is quite stupid, a jerk, but still determined and will do anything to win a contest. In Episode 1 OJ kills Skittle to use her as an ingredient for the milkshake, and plus made the team Steaming Sandstorms of Rage lose as a result.

Eliminated Edit

OJ was eliminated in Episode 2. With a large 46 votes.

He reappeared in Episode 3 shown scared of being on an island Breath Mint.

Trivia Facts Edit

  • Orange Juice isn't OJ's full name. It's just OJ.
  • OJ is the only character besides iPad that FusionAnimations still voices.
  • he is also competing on Inanimate insanity
  • his different personality is quite different than Object invasion,he is a quite stupid and and a jerk in Object invasion,while on Inanimate insanity he is kind smart and intelligent,(even he is rude often times)
  • OJ is only male contestant who got eliminated first

Meet his Brother Edit

Meet his brother, AJHe is similar to OJ, But filled with apples. OJ is filled with oranges.

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